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Forming & Machining

Machining of Steels
Abrasive Machining of Steels
Hydroforming of Steels
Sheet Metal Forming
Finite Element Analyze

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment of Alloy Steels
Heat Treatment of Tool Steels
Surface Treatment
Natural and Artificial Ageing
Vacuum Heat Treatment
Heat Treatment Furnaces and Equipment
Heat Treatment Damages and Analysis
Safety and Health at Heat Treatment
Welding Design for Iron- Steel Industry
Cutting in Iron- Steel Industry
Heat Treatment for Welded Steel

Metallurgy and Materials

Iron & Steel Classes and Standards
Refractories in Iron & Steel Industry
Fracture and Fatigue Behavior of Iron & Steel

Powder Metallurgy

Material Science and Technology
Coating & Corrosion
Novel Coating Materials
Hard Coatings
Processing and Characterization
Nanostructured Coatings


Steel Casting Technologies and Applications
Casting Furnaces and Refractories
Solidification Processes
Different Casting Methods
Different Moulding Materials and Applications

Nanotechnology in Materials Science

Carbon Nanomaterials
Nano Photonics and Optics
Nano Electronics
Nano Medicine
Nano Mechanics
Graphene Technologies
Thin Films and Coating
Nano Biomaterials
Nano Drug Delivery
Advanced Metals & Alloys
Building Materials
Catalytic Materials
Conducting Polymers
Environmental Coordination Materials
Fluids and Liquid Crystals
Fuel-Cell Materials
Functionally Graded Materials
High Entropy Alloys
Polymer Materials
Self-Healing Materials