Manuscript Submission

While submitting the research article, authors should ensure that the research work is novel and has not previously been published, as well as that it is not currently being considered for publication in any other conferences/journals.


Submission Method:

Papers that adhere to all the instruction mentioned below can be forwarded via email to

Alternate Submission Method:

Easychair: click here


Paper Format and Writing Guidelines:

ICTMIM strongly recommends the author[s] to write concisely and stick to the following guidelines:

  • The title should be no more than 10 words
  • The main text should be no more than 2000 words, the size limit of a paper is 12-15 pages.
  • Abstract should not include any references.
  • The manuscript file should start with a title that shows author affiliations and contact information, identifying the corresponding author with a special symbol.
  • The following structure will be suitable in many cases:
    • Introduction
    • Literature Review
    • Methods
    • Results & Discussion
    • References
    • Acknowledgements (optional)
    • Author contributions (if paper has more than 6 authors)
  • For initial submission, PDF format is preferred we also accept Microsoft Word.
  • Clearly explain the background, rationale and main conclusions of your study to increase its quality.
  • Figures should be incorporated with the manuscript text into a single Word doc or PDF at initial submission. Please include a high-resolution image.
  • Write paper in English language [Either in American/British but not both], which will be readily understood by any researcher.
  • We strongly recommend that you ask a research expert/co-researcher with different expertise to review your manuscript before submitting it.


Paper Template:

Click here For Sample Springer Paper Format
Click here For Sample Springer Paper Format (LaTex Template)


Review Process:

  • Peer review is the method by which the conference examines and control the quality of the publishing content by allowing experts in the area to assess and comment on the submitted research papers.
  • Papers submitted to ICTMIM are initially screened by the editorial team.
  • Peer reviewers independently advise the conference chair on whether the submission should be rejected or accepted (with or without revisions).
  • The conference chair examines all peer reviewer input before making an informed choice to accept or reject the submission.
  • This process takes 2-3 weeks after initial submission.

Note: Authors should only register for the conference when their article has been accepted.


Publication Ethics:

ICTMIM is committed to protect the integrity of the conference proceedings. We encourage the authors to refer and view the Springer Publication ethics page ( for further details.

  • ICTMIM takes copyright violations and plagiarism very seriously.
  • If we discover that you have plagiarised other people's work or used third-party copyright material without permission or with inadequate acknowledgement, or if the authorship of the piece is disputed, we retain the right to take action, including retracting the paper from publication.
  • The author must notify the conference chair of any prior distribution and/or publishing of any portion of the content, even if the article has been shared as a preprint.
  • Authors are responsible for seeking permission from copyright holders before duplicating any previously published graphics, tables, figures, or extensive quotes.